Putting God's Word On The Web

After reading the FAQ Page contact our sales department if you have any questions about our service plans or prices
Church-Site's Basic Template package eleminates most chance of error or technical problems because all pages have been thoroughly tested. If you notice any errors in operation or layout please email us so we may correct it quickly. We will also be happy to try and answer questions for webmasters of Hands On pages but for anything that requires more than a short answer we must direct you to html tutorial sites.
If you have Christian related merchandise or services and would like to advertise on our site please email us. All of our Churches have a link to the advertisers page so their members don't have to search the web looking for you.
Update Your Web Pages
Enter this area to submit text changes to your web pages. You will need the Username and Password you received when you registered with us to go here. To submit new pictures or logos you will need to attach them to an email addressed to Support@church-site.com. Be sure to tell us exactly which page you want them to appear on .

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