Putting God's Word On The Web

Welcome to Church-Site.

There is no better way to put Your Church and God's Word on the Web! For only $19.95 *$9.95 you can have a multi-page presence on the internet. And it doesn't get any easier than Church-Site.

You don't have to do any programming, know how to write in HTML (the secret language of the web that makes pages look the way they do in your browser) or even come up with a design for your site. We make it so easy you can almost do this with your eyes closed, unless you need to look at your fingers while you type. Here is what you do.

  • View the sample designs and pick out the one that looks the best to you.
  • Sign up online right now with your credit card or send in your CHECK by mail.
  • Type up what you want printed on each page and send it to us via email.
That is all there is to do from your end. We do the rest. Any time you want to have different text on one of your pages you just email that text to us. An example of a page that might change weekly is your 'Prayer Request' page.

Just look around. If you have any questions email us!

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